Byron The Artist Wall Calendar


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Byron The Artist Wall Calendar

Our wall calendars make the artist’s Wax Blockchain collections NFTs stand out with all these amazing items. 

This versatile product is widely available all over the world, from Europe to Asia, Latin America, and Oceania. 

Introducing our exquisite line of wall calendars that enables you to showcase your designs all year round! A perfect embodiment of a fresh start to a new year, this staple product serves as an excellent way for your customers to cherish their special memories. 

We, at our company, take great pride in our international presence and extensive network of local production partners. Our extensive list of partners ensures that your order is stationed at the closest possible location to you, facilitating swift transportation times and reducing carbon emissions. Moreover, we strive to maintain a consistent, premium-quality standard across all our productions.

Product specifications:

Our calendar is crafted using 250 gsm / 100 lb semi-gloss silk paper, giving it a premium look and feel. It comes with strong wire binding that provides reliability and durability.

We offer diverse formats for our calendar collection to cater to your different needs. These formats include A3 vertical measuring 29.7 x 42cm, A4 vertical measuring 21 x 29.7 cm, A4 horizontal measuring 21 x 29.7 cm, square sized 21 x 21 cm, and slim vertical style measuring 14.8 x 40 cm. You can choose the most suitable size for your office, home, or on the go.

Our one-page monthly calendar is an ideal option for those who prefer simplicity. The calendar features one page for every month, a cover page, and a back page with seven double-sided printed sheets in total. It is easy to hang with its special hook design.

On the other hand, our double-page monthly calendar offers more space and functionality. The calendar comes in two formats, either A4 horizontal measuring 21 x 29.7 cm or square-sized 21 x 21 cm. With two pages for each month, one with an image and one with a month view, you get optimal practicality. It also includes one cover page, and one back page with all 13 double-sided printed sheets, bound by a regular spiral. The calendar has a small hole punched through it at approximately 1.4 cm from the edge, making it easy to hang on any wall. When hung, it unfolds to double the size, making it more visible.

Finally, you can select wire-O binders of metallic, black, or white colors based on regional availability. 


  • 250 gsm / 100 lb Semi-Gloss
  • Hang Anywhere
  • 13 Double-Sided Printed

Supporting NFT Artists

Wall calendars are an essential item for many people as they help us stay organized and manage our time effectively. However, did you know that you can also support NFT artists by owning wall calendars that feature their artwork?

NFT art has taken the world by storm, providing digital artists with a platform to showcase their art without being restricted by physical media. By owning a wall calendar that supports NFT artists, you not only get to enjoy stunning pieces of art in your home or office every day but also help these artists earn a livelihood from their work.


NFTs are amazing to own and have because they provide tangible proof of ownership for digital goods. 

They guarantee authenticity and uniqueness in a way that many traditional methods of buying items like art or music can’t. With an NFT, you can purchase exclusive goods like rare collectibles, buy tickets to events and game experiences, as well as make safe investments in the form of digital art. 

NFTs also provide their owners with the opportunity to be creative and curate collections that are meaningful to them. 

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are quickly gaining traction in the art world as an alternative way to buy and sell digital artwork. By combining blockchain technology and works of art, the process of buying and selling artwork has been made much easier. As a result, NFTs are becoming increasingly popular as people look to diversify their portfolios with something that is more than just money. Here’s why NFTs are awesome to own:

1. They’re Unique: The biggest benefit of owning an NFT is that it will always be unique to you. Every NFT is based on a unique “token” that can be tracked on the blockchain, which means that no two NFTs are ever exactly alike. This makes them great investments for collectors who appreciate rare works of art or collectibles.

2. They’re Authentic: One of the biggest issues in the digital world is that people can copy content and claim it as their own. With an NFT though, you can easily verify its authenticity by tracking it on the blockchain. This helps protect your investment from fraud and counterfeits and gives you peace of mind knowing your artwork is genuine. 

3. You Have Legal Ownership: When you purchase an NFT, you get legal ownership over the asset in question, meaning no one else can claim it as their own or make copies without your permission (or at least without getting into legal trouble). This gives you complete control over what happens with your asset such as deciding when (and if) it should be resold or gifted away in the future. That said, many believe that legal ownership also comes with moral responsibility – so always consider what’s ethically right when dealing with others’ work! 

4. Earn Through Appreciation: With most traditional investments (stocks, bonds, etc.), it takes years to see any kind of return – but not so with an NFT! Because they’re based on blockchain technology and have gained popularity recently, their value has skyrocketed over time; meaning if you buy early and wisely enough then you could end up making some serious returns down the line depending on how high demand rises for certain pieces.

Overall, owning an NFT provides a great opportunity for anyone looking for a creative and potentially lucrative form of investing – all while having fun collecting unique pieces of art! Even though they may have only recently hit the mainstream market, they’re quickly becoming vitally important within the digital world.

About Wax Blockchain:

The Wax Blockchain is a great example of green technology that seeks to reduce carbon emissions and provide an effective platform where transactions are secure, transparent, and reliable. It’s a groundbreaking blockchain that has revolutionized the way we think about distributed ledger technology – able to process tens of thousands of transactions in real-time with its robust network of nodes. 

The Wax Blockchain is a groundbreaking decentralized platform, that is making waves in the blockchain technology space. Developed with game developers, artists, collectors, and virtual item fans in mind, Wax Blockchain provides users with an unprecedented level of security and flexibility when managing their digital assets.

And what’s more – it does this while being carbon neutral and at times carbon negative, making it one of, if not the best most eco-friendly blockchains out there.

In addition to its sophisticated consensus protocol, Waxp also utilizes advanced incentive structures to reward users who contribute to the network’s validation process by staking their tokens. 

This creates an economically viable system that encourages developers to further innovate on the platform to meet customer needs better – all while helping promote greater adoption of business operations. 

Furthermore, businesses seeking to take advantage of smart contracts as well as trustless transactions will also appreciate this feature provided by the Waxp Blockchain.  

1. Wax Blockchain is fast, secure, and efficient.

2. It enables near-instant and low-cost token transfers. 

3. It’s a user-friendly platform that provides full control to users over their assets.  

4. It supports various tokens like NFTs, collectible cards, digital art, virtual assets, and more. 

5. Its marketplace offers developers tools to create entirely new dapps based on the Waxp Blockchains’ amazing technology. 

In addition to its security features, the Wax Blockchain also provides impressive scalability and reliability. It can handle up to millions of transactions per second, allowing it to easily accommodate large numbers of players playing multiple games at the same time and artists minting and collectors collecting.  

The amazing features of the Wax Blockchain provide gamers and collectors with tremendous value and potential. By allowing them to trade limited edition items or collectible game pieces with other players around the world, they can form valuable communities that foster creativity through fair play on a level playing field. 

Ultimately, this innovative blockchain platform solves some of the most pressing problems in gaming culture – lack of security, scalability issues, and high transaction fees – without compromising the users. Thanks to Wax’s cutting-edge infrastructure, gamers, artists, developers, and item collectors everywhere will be able to transact freely with little friction or interference for years to come while only improving!

NOTE: Byron The Artist will send matching NFT(s) for each purchase of this item. Mints are passed out in the same order they’re received. You will need a Wax Wallet to receive the NFT that matches this item. 

Our simple way to provide a vIRL with no tech, no blends, and no code.

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