Byron The Artist CB Skull 11oz Ceramic Mug


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Byron The Artist CB Skull 11oz Ceramic Mug



a wonderful ceramic mug that is perfect for all events of any day. We all enjoy something warm in the am. Have some great morning coffee, or some hot chocolate, or all types of hot or even cold drinks you’d like. 

NOTE: Byron The Artist will send matching NFT(s) for each purchase of this item. Mints are passed out in the same order they’re received. You will need a Wax Wallet to receive the NFT that matches this item. 

 Ceramic 11 oz mug
 Dishwasher Safe
 Microwave Safe
 Product safety tests conducted by independent laboratories.

These coffee cups or mugs are amazing for all occasions.

1. Convenience: Having your own mug or coffee cup allows you to quickly have a hot cup of joe wherever you are. Whether it’s at home, in the office, or while running errands, having your own mug means you can enjoy a steaming cup of coffee without having to worry about searching for a disposable cup and lid.

2. Eco-Friendly: Reducing single-use waste is becoming more important every day, and having your own reusable coffee mug is an easy way to help do your part for the environment. By bringing your own mug with you anywhere you go, you can avoid throwing away dozens of disposable cups in the trash each week.

3. Personalized Expression: A great thing about owning a personal coffee cup is that it serves as an extension of your personality and individuality. You can choose from countless stainless steel mugs and thermal travel tumblers with unique designs that match your style and preferences perfectly! From custom logos and monograms, to patterns, artwork, colors – there’s no limit to what makes up your perfect personalized coffee cup!

4. Durability: Coffee cups come in many different shapes and sizes but they all have one thing in common – they’re built to last! Whether you choose an all-purpose ceramic mug or a vacuum insulated tumbler with double wall construction, when cared for properly (dishwasher safe mugs!), they will last for many years without need for replacement like most disposable options would require. 

5. Cost Savings: Buying a single reusable coffee cup may seem like more upfront cost than buying paper or plastic ones several times over time but if used consistently the long term savings will be undeniable – think how much money you’ll save on disposables over time!

NFTs are amazing to own and have because they provide tangible proof of ownership for digital goods. 

They guarantee authenticity and uniqueness in a way that many traditional methods of buying items like art or music can’t. With an NFT, you can purchase exclusive goods like rare collectibles, buy tickets to events and game experiences, as well as make safe investments in the form of digital art. 

NFTs also provide their owners with the opportunity to be creative and curate collections that are meaningful to them. 

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are quickly gaining traction in the art world as an alternative way to buy and sell digital artwork. By combining blockchain technology and works of art, the process of buying and selling artwork has been made much easier. As a result, NFTs are becoming increasingly popular as people look to diversify their portfolios with something that is more than just money. Here’s why NFTs are awesome to own:

1. They’re Unique: The biggest benefit of owning an NFT is that it will always be unique to you. Every NFT is based on a unique “token” that can be tracked on the blockchain, which means that no two NFTs are ever exactly alike. This makes them great investments for collectors who appreciate rare works of art or collectibles.

2. They’re Authentic: One of the biggest issues in the digital world is that people can copy content and claim it as their own. With an NFT though, you can easily verify its authenticity by tracking it on the blockchain. This helps protect your investment from fraud and counterfeits and gives you peace of mind knowing your artwork is genuine. 

3. You Have Legal Ownership: When you purchase an NFT, you get legal ownership over the asset in question, meaning no one else can claim it as their own or make copies without your permission (or at least without getting into legal trouble). This gives you complete control over what happens with your asset such as deciding when (and if) it should be resold or gifted away in the future. That said, many believe that legal ownership also comes with moral responsibility – so always consider what’s ethically right when dealing with others’ work! 

4. Earn Through Appreciation: With most traditional investments (stocks, bonds etc.), it takes years to see any kind of return – but not so with an NFT! Because they’re based on blockchain technology and have gained popularity recently, their value has skyrocketed over time; meaning if you buy early and wisely enough then you could end up making some serious returns down the line depending on how high demand rises for certain pieces..

Overall, owning an NFT provides a great opportunity for anyone looking for a creative and potentially lucrative form of investing – all while having fun collecting unique pieces of art! Even though they may have only recently hit the mainstream market, they’re quickly becoming vitally important within the digital world.

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