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  • Created: 4/2/2021, 1:18 PM EST



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Welcome to the Official NFT Collection from Goparel.


We were founded in 2020 when the whole world shut down. Instead of shutting down with it, we created Goparel! We offer many products and services.

We practice thinking outside the box regularly. We never limit ourselves and neither should you!

We offer vIRLs, Collectible Artwork, Trading Cards, and other fun stuff.

We work hard on all types of projects. From websites to NFTs and clothing, we strive to do a great job! We love to create stunning projects that keep on giving time and time again.

We like creating blog posts about wax artists and more. We do website hosting, wordpress hosting, dedicated hosting, & website design.

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Goparel eBay store

loaded with over 5000 locally housed items!

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This is a simple project to help Wax Collections offer NFTs with Physical items!