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a project that allows collections on the wax blockchain to offer merch to match their NFT(s).

The buyer gets both!

Every item on this website comes with an NFT from the collection owner.

Waxp.Art supplies the creation of the products and distribution. We have many print and shipping partners (30+) globally to stay green, like the wax blockchain!

  • You will receive the NFT(s) from the collection owner. 
  • You will receive the physicals from Waxp.Art.

This is a simple way to offer vIRLs (virtual in real life with NFTs) for all. We have a free plan so anybody can get started.

Simply reach out by sending an email to

Waxp.Art was created as a small experiment/project by goparel. We receive requests and questions about creating apparel for others, our green shipping, and the printing process, so decided to try something new.

For those that have followed us for years or just recently we appreciate your support and hope you all enjoy this side project.

The real-world markets are constantly going up so merch costs continue to rise. We have done our best to come up with a system for collection owners to basically get our cost.

It’s not wholesale by any means but it’s competitive and it’s coming from the wax community for the wax community.

And unlike so many others, it’s green!

If you’re a collection owner reach out and use the email, and please do see our frequently asked questions page by visiting here, FAQ.

Thanks for reading!

This is a simple project to help Wax Collections offer NFTs with Physical items!